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We have worked hard to ensure that our training incorporates all that is needed to be a successful technician. A recent study has shown that around 30% of people in the UK have at least one body art tattoo; this is excluding those who perhaps may have the tattoos we refer to as ‘Permanent Makeup’, meaning the total amount would be much greater. Whether someone has suffered at the hands of an inexperienced technician or perhaps have outgrown a once much-coveted tattoo, tattoo removal is huge! People are now acknowledging the fact that they no longer have to live with their unwanted ink. Laser technology has greatly advanced in recent years with the capabilities of many machines becoming the cause of many successful laser removal treatments. Whether you are looking to incorporate laser treatments into your clinic / salon or perhaps are looking for a complete career change all together, our laser training course will provide you with everything you need to get going.

This course will allow you to successfully carry out tattoo removal sessions, whether for body art tattoos, Permanent Makeup or Scalp Micropigmentation. You will also be taught how to carry our laser removal treatments for hair removal – you will be shown this through traditional IPL as well as SHR laser technology. Please be aware that you being able to use this technology, will depend entirely on which laser machine you purchase and its capabilities. The course includes all the essential criteria to gain insurance including Bloodborne Pathogens training and Anatomy and Physiology training. Theory, simulated practice and live-model practice will be included and upon completion, you will receive a fully accredited and insurable certificate once you have passed your assessment. Please be aware that passing this course is not guaranteed and in the event of underachievement, you may be required to re-perform your assessment. This may mean you will not immediately receive your certificate of completion following your training. Please be aware that machines themselves are not included in this course. You will be trained to understand which clients may and may not be suitable for these treatments as well as identify which clients are likely to be the best and worst candidates for laser removal. This course is suitable for training in various machines however we will be using a ND-YAG Q-Switch laser machine for demonstration purposes..

Price For This Course: £1000

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