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We have worked hard to ensure that our training incorporates all that is needed to you to be a successful technician.

With skin treatments becoming increasingly popular within salons and clinics, we have seen an increase of vastly diverse treatments that are providing some incredible results! One of these being LED Light Therapy. This technology, once used by NASA for astronauts for it’s incredible wound healing capabilities, can now be something you can offer to your clientele. There is a huge array of uses as this can be used as a stand-alone treatment to combat issues such as active acne, rosacea and scarring. This treatment can also be used following more invasive treatments you may already offer including, Microneedling and Dermaplaning as the wound healing abilities can reduce redness and inflammation that may occur.

This half day course is fully accredited and contains both theory and live-model practice and will include full certification upon completion. So whether you would like to offer this treatment to your clients on its own as an individual treatment or as a follow on from other treatments you may offer, you are sure to benefit hugely from this course. You will receive your very own LED Light Therapy Mask as included in the course cost so you will be able to start treatments immediately upon completion of your training.

Price For This Course: £99

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