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It’s the world’s most beloved poison! It’s a drug that weakens or paralyzes muscles and in small doses, it can reduce skin wrinkles and help treat some muscle conditions. In our 30s, our skin cell turnover and our collagen production will begin to slow down, and it is the time when many of us begin to see the signs of aging. Treatments such as this, allow us to reverse the signs of aging and prevent the worsening of fine or deep lines and wrinkles. These treatments target the nervous system, disrupting the nerve signalling processes that stimulate muscle contraction. This is how the drug causes temporary muscle paralysis. In order for muscles to contract, nerves release a chemical messenger called acetylcholine at the junction where the nerve endings meet muscle cells. Acetylcholine attaches to receptors on the muscle cells and causes the muscle cells to contract or shorten. This drug prevents the release of acetylcholine, which stops muscle cells from contracting. The toxin reduces abnormal muscle contraction, allowing the muscles to become less stiff. The effects of this treatment are temporary, typically lasting around 6 to 12 months.

Our training course will allow you to safely and effectively administer these treatments to your clients. Our fundamental training will consist of equal parts theory, simulated practice and live model-practice, ensuring you feel fully competent to carry out these services. You will receive immediate access to your online pre-study where you will begin your theory training and complete our online modules which will ensure a more thorough understanding when it comes to your hands on practical day with us. The simulated practice will allow you to perform a full treatment on simulated latex skin moulds and once you feel comfortable and ready to progress, you will begin working on live-models. Providing you meet all the essential criteria during your training, you will receive a fully accredited certificate will allow you to gain the required insurance and immediately start treating clients. We will provide you with all the necessary addition information, including consent forms, aftercare forms and also where you can find your nearest prescribers to prescribe the products you need to be able to offer this treatment. You will receive our full ongoing support following your training so whether you need advice on treating a particular client or perhaps are looking for help with regards to a client complaint, we will always be on hand.

Price For This Course: £650

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