What Is plasma skin tightening?

Our Plasma Fibroblast skin tightening treatment allows us to remove excess skin from the face and create a much smoother and more youthful appearance that can truly create amazing results.

This treatment is often named in connection to surgery with many referring to it as ‘soft surgery’ due to the reduced amount of down-time following the treatment and the astonishing results that we can produce. Whether you suffer from excess skin around the eye, jowl or mouth area (to name just a few) we can adapt this treatment to rid you of the excess skin and allow for a tightening effect.

We are also able to treat various areas of the body, depending entirely of the suitability of the client and the skin type. Areas such as bingo wings, ear lobes and knee caps can be great candidates for this treatment.

We are also able to remove skin tags, milia, cholesterol dots, benign moles and improve the appearance of stretch marks and sun spots.

Plasma Skin Tightening is a wonderfully versatile treatment that can correct and improve so many different skin problems you may have. Our friendly team will discuss with you what you are hoping to achieve from your treatment and we will work with you to get the result you are looking for.

plasma fibroblast training
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How does skin tightening work?

Plasma is commonly referred to as “the fourth state of matter”, following solid, liquid and gas. Plasma is made when electrostatic energy is combined with ionised gas. When the thermal energy that is produced reaches around 1mm from the treatment area, it creates a plasma arc due to the combination of oxygen and atmospheric nitrogen.

This arc creates what is referred to as ‘minor trauma’ which causes the immediate contraction of the skin tissue. Carbon crusts are created as a result of this and the dehydration of the skin and these crusts will fall off typically between 5-7 days, leaving the surface of the skin rejuvenated.

This type of trauma caused to the epidermis also causes the production of new elastin, collagen and protein fibres and also improves blood circulation to the treatment area.

During the healing process, we encouraged clients to allow the skin to heal naturally without the use of any topical products which may hydrate the skin, causing the skin to hold on to the carbon crusts longer than required. We also advise that once the crusts have fallen that a high factor SPF be used to protect the skin from any risks of pigmentation and/or sun damage. Whilst this treatment may not directly cause this to happen, it can increase the chances of this happening following sun exposure if the correct precautions are not taken as part of the client aftercare.

Price for this treatment: £250 per area

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