What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a treatment that has been in the beauty industry for decades now simply because of the amazing results that can be experienced. The benefits of this treatment are vast and we are pleased to say that Microneedling is suitable for most clients due to its varying benefits. Whether you are suffering from acne scarring, stretch marks or uneven skin tone, Microneedling offers a solution for you.

Many of our clients describe this treatment as being ‘pain-free’ or ‘very minimal pain’ and each treatment typically takes around 45 minutes in total. We also offer add-on services which can be used in conjunction with this service; we can offer Dermaplaning, BB Fresh and LED Light therapy which each have further correctional capabilities.

This treatment can be purchased individually however we recommend a course of 3 sessions, each spaced apart by a minimum of 4 weeks to fully experience the best results.

There is also no downtime with this treatment and we advise our clients that they are able to return to work and/or their normal life style immediately after the treatment. We do, however, recommend that clients use a high factor SPF following treatment as this treatment does cause micro trauma to the skin that may make the skin slightly more sensitive and susceptible to damage.

microneedling training image
microneedling mid session

How does microneedling work?

This treatment works through use of a multi-needle device which superficially punctures the skin repeatedly, creating what is referred to as ‘micro-trauma’. Creating controlled micro-trauma this way will immediately cause the skin to contract, resulting in a much tighter and toned area of skin. This also forces the body to respond in order to repair itself which results in the production of collagen and improved blood circulation.

The benefits of this are that this treatment trains your skin to become more resilient whilst producing all the essential chemicals and nutrients that can diminish over time as we age.

The Microneedling treatment’s capabilities of resurfacing the skin have meant that this treatment can often be used for those who may have suffered burns previously or have severe scar tissue; Microneedling allows us to break this down and resurface the skin.

The reason we suggest that this treatment works best when purchased as a course of 3 sessions is because we are able to keep re-introducing collagen, blood circulation and all other essential nutrients back into the skin, time and time again. There is no limit to how many times you can have this treatment for exactly this reason, providing the sessions are correctly spaced apart to allow time for healing.

Price for this treatment: from £50

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