What is Microblading?

Microblading is a treatment that allows us to enhance and create beautiful looking eyebrows that will require extremely minimal maintenance, but offer a much more permanent result than makeup products and tinting.

We can offer a variety of different styles as part of this treatment and we can create the one that both you and the technician have agreed upon following your consultation. Our technicians will offer their expert advice in terms of what is suitable for your skin tone, age and lifestyle; this advise will extend to the colour you would like your eyebrows to be after the treatment.

All these factors as well as your other facial characteristics will help determine what style, shape and colour your eyebrows should be after microblading is complete. A mapping technique is used which proportionally measures your face and allows the technician to create your brows and place them where they should be on your face.

Similarly to our other tattooing treatments, we recommend that you come back in for a retouch 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment. This will allow us to not only perfect your brows but assess the rate of retention of the pigment and identify if any changes to size and colour are required.

kl academy microblading treatment
kevin langley microblading treatment

Important information

This treatment works through use of a hand-held microblading tool which allows the technician to strategically and carefully implant the selected pigment into the skin; this may be to create soft hair strokes or dramatic powder brows.

Depending on any allergies you may have, you will also be offered use of a pre-procedure cream which will allow us to carry out this treatment, causing as little discomfort as possible.

It is highly recommended that you correctly follow the aftercare advice recommended by your technician in order to receive the best result from your microblading treatment. The results of not adhering to aftercare advice can result in excessive swelling, infection and even needing immediate medical attention.

It is not always necessary that an immediate top up is required for our microblading treatment however, after 12-18 months you are more than welcome to pop in and see what your technician advises. We offer a range of products that will be available to help with the healing of your skin which will allow you to maximise the results of your new eyebrows. So if you are fed up of applying your eyebrows day after day and long for new beautiful brows, why not get in touch with us today?

Price for this treatment: £250 (Inc Top Up)

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