new lips with permanent makeup

This treatment can help you transform your lips through enhancing both colour and shape to create beautiful works of art! As one of the most popular treatments in our clinic, you too can experience how it feels to wake up every morning without the need to apply lip sticks or glosses.

We can adapt our treatment to suit your needs whether you are looking to achieve a more colourful shade or are looking to create the illusion of bigger and fuller looking lips. Perhaps you are hoping to achieve a result which can offer something more correctional; we tend to find this is the case for those who may have previously suffered from some form of tissue damage or scarring. Skin conditions such as these are often also perfect candidates for this treatment, depending entirely on the approval of your technician.

During the consultation stage, your technician will thoroughly go through what type of result you are hoping for and they will fully explain to you what you can expect from your treatment; both throughout and afterwards when your lips have healed. Having created smiling lips for countless clients to date, why not book in now to arrange your free consultation.

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What is the treatment process

This treatment works by using a specialised tattooing device to superficially implant pigment into the skin to enhance both the colour and the shape of the lips based entirely on your chosen look.

The pigment choice will be decided by both you and the technician who will offer their expert advise with regards to what is recommended for your skin tone. They will address particular characteristics on your face before making a recommendation to which colour pigment is best for you. It may be that your technician will need to mix pigments to find your perfect shade but you will ultimately have the final say with what type of result you would like.

We try our best to make you as comfortable as possible throughout this treatment and based on suitability (whether you are allergic or not), you will be given a topical pre-procedure numbing cream which will alleviate any discomfort that this treatment may provoke.

With regards to aftercare, your technician will explain in great detail why this is important to follow and how following this correctly will result in a much better and longer lasting result. Your technician may also advise a top up in order to maximise results and check pigment retention in your skin.

Price for this treatment: £250 (Inc Top Up)

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