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Our Lip Filler treatment allows us to create luscious looking lips that will allow you to feel confident and will make you want to show them off to your friends and family immediately after the treatment.

We are able to create results as natural as you would like through our injectable products which can cater for your individual needs. Our Specialist Technicians will explain in great detail what they would recommend based on their observations with regards to the amount of product required for your lips and where they believe it should be positioned. However, ultimately you will have the decision of how you would like your lips to look.

Please be aware that excessive filling will not be available as our technicians work within what is safe and natural looking for your own face. The result you are looking to achieve will be discussed in great detail during the consultation stage of your treatment to ensure that our Technician can understand what you are hoping to achieve.

You will be advised when a subsequent top up treatment will be required and our technician will fully explain all the necessary aftercare tips to allow your incredible results to last as long as possible.

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how do lip fillers work?

You will be informed of every step of this treatment during the consultation stage to allow you to understand when and why each step is taken. After the initial consultation and depending on whether you are a suitable candidate for this treatment, we will then proceed to the numbing stage of the procedure.

It is at this point that we will apply a topical numbing agent to de-sensitise the area being treated. It is perfectly normal that our technician will apply this to the whole lip area to ensure there is a very level low level of discomfort in any areas that are to treated (we refer to these as injection sites).

Once the filler has been injected into the areas discussed during the consultation stage, it is also absolutely normal that our Technician will gently massage the areas treated afterwards to ensure even distribution of the product to give you the best result possible.

t the end of the treatment, you will be advised of what to and to not do once you leave the clinic. You may eat and drink as normal following the treatment if required, however we advise that you refrain from smoking as this can manipulate the product and cause it to move. Typically, this is only a requirement for the first 12-24 hours following the treatment.

Price for this treatment: From £120

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