Permanent Eyeliner treatments

Our permanent eyeliner treatment uses permanent makeup techniques and will allow you to wake up without having the need to apply any products to create an eyeliner effect!

Whether you are someone who is able to create perfect eyeliner day after day or if you are perhaps one of those people who can ‘do one right’ but then struggle creating the same effect on the opposite eye… stop right there! This treatment offers a more permanent solution to this problem and with the expert skills of our permanent makeup technicians, you will be given the gift of beautiful eyeliner from the second you wake up.

Our technicians work with you to envisage what type of look you are hoping to achieve; whether you prefer a softer look or something that will be able to add a little more drama to your eye area. Perhaps you are looking for this treatment to subtlety add density to the lash line if perhaps you are a little sparse with eyelashes – this is something we are able to offer and is something more common than you might think.

Various factors such as colour and density will also be taken into consideration from your initial consultation to give you the result you want! Pre-procedure numbing cream will also be offered at the beginning of your treatment to alleviate any pain or discomfort that may arise from this treatment; this will depend on your suitability and if you are allergic to this product or not.

finished eyeliner
eyebrows permanent makeup

How is eyeliner micropigmentation performed?

We carry out this treatment using a permanent makeup tattoo device that will allow us to implant pigment into the superficial layers of the skin to create the effect we are looking for.

Although this treatment is in fact a tattoo, we operate on the more superficial layers of the skin (the epidermis and outer layers of the dermis), whereas body art tattooists implant their ink further into the skin (the dermis). This is one of the differences between standard tattooing and tattooing for permanent makeup; another is pigment choice. Body art tattooists use inks whereas we use specialised pigments that are clinically tested, ethical and for safe use within the skin.

Although there are elements of this treatment which allow it to be permanent, we do recommend that you come back and see us around 6-8 weeks after your initial treatment. The reason for this is that it will allow us to perfect the area treated and also look at how the pigment is holding in the skin to see if any modifications need to be made with regards to pigment choice.

After both the initial treatment and the subsequent treatment, your technician will inform you of the correct aftercare procedure and how this can help with retention and keeping your new eye liner perfect for longer.

Price for this treatment: £250 (Inc Top Up)

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