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LED Light therapy is one of the hottest beauty trends on the market today and for one simple reason… the incredible results it can give you and your skin! This treatment offers a huge number of benefits and can cater for a variety of different type of skin conditions and offer the solution.

Using this treatment, we can improve facial blood flow circulation and increase levels of collagen, skin healing and even improve active acne and old acne scarring. This treatment is 100% safe and carried out in a sterile fully sanitised working environment to ensure we can offer the best and safest treatment possible to the highest standards of health and hygiene.

The treatment will be carried out by one of our Skin Specialist Technicians and with over 10 years experience within the industry, we can guarantee that you are in safe hands.

This treatment works well as a stand-alone treatment however, if you are attempting to tackle more persistent skin conditions such as active acne, please be aware that this may require subsequent sessions on order to combat this issue. Your Technician will discuss any necessary aftercare tips immediately after your treatment to guarantee you see the best results possible following your treatment.

led light mask
led light mask laid down

how does this service work?

Although LED Light Therapy’s original use was up in space to treat astronauts’ wounds, alternative uses have allowed beauticians to perfect this as an anti-aging and skin perfecting treatment.

We begin our treatment by pre-cleansing the face prior to the treatment to remove any bacteria or dead skin cells that may be laying on the surface. We will then position the mask on your face and will set the function to what is required for your skin type or the skin issue you are hoping to combat. For example, we would select a blue light function for those clients who would like to reduce redness if perhaps they have active acne as this would counteract the issue through using opposing colours.

LED Light Therapy can not only be used as a single treatment but also in addition to several other treatments that we offer.

Our Dermaplaning and Microneedling treatments work excellently as pre-treatments to this procedure as they both offer skin re-surfacing benefits that encourage the growth of new skin. This will allow the LED lights to be more effective as any type of barrier between the mask and then skin will have been removed, allowing the light to penetrate the skin more easily.

Price for this treatment: £20

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