What Is Fat Freezing?

Cryolipolysis, also known as Fat Freezing or Body Sculpting is a treatment process which allows us to remove stubborn pockets of fat from your body.

There is a vast amount of areas that can be treated with this treatment, including the abdomen, bingo wings, chest and thighs. Any areas where fat build up has become an issue can be treated with our revolutionary Cryolipolysis treatment.

This treatment is often used as an alternative for Liposuction for its very similar capabilities but with some incredible benefits. No downtime is required and we advise clients that they are able to return to work and their general lifestyle immediately. We are also able to treat areas of the face unlike other fat removal treatments such as fat dissolving injections as areas such as the chin and neck can be treated.

This treatment is not painful however you may initially feel some mild discomfort depending on what area you are having treated; this is due to the initial suction stage of the treatment were the pockets are fat are sucked into the specialised vacuum. Typically, this mild discomfort only lasts seconds and then your body will start to adjust to the pressure.

fat freezing process
fat freezing treatment


This treatment works by reducing targeted parts of the body to sub-zero temperatures to combat build up of fatty tissues. These areas are pulled into a suction panel which will freeze the areas to minus 6 degrees Celsius, causing the fat cells to crystallise and become excreted by the body.

This treatment is non-invasive, meaning there is no healing time required like can be experienced with Liposuction. This treatment will last approximately 1 hour including your initial consultation and we advise that subsequent sessions be booked in order to see the best results. These should be spaced apart by a time interval of 4-6 weeks.

Please be aware that this treatment can allow you remove stubborn pockets of fat but it is not suitable for those who have been diagnosed as clinically obese. For best results, this treatment needs to be carried out in line with a healthy lifestyle, including a well-balanced diet and general exercise.

During the consultation stage of this treatment, your technician will explain every step of the procedure so you will be aware of what to expect. You will be made aware of the correct aftercare guidelines which are relatively simple. Drink plenty of water after your treatment to help flush the toxins and crystallised fat cells out your system and partake in some general exercise immediately after the treatment; activities might include going for a light run.

Price for this treatment: £100 per area

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