Whilst we offer a variety of different weight loss and fat loss solutions, one of the main reasons many of our clients opt for fat dissolving injections is because we can effectively target specific areas that the client may be unhappy with. One of the most common things we find is that many clients know how they can keep their weight under control and most have a great understanding of the importance of diet and exercise and how both play an important role in overall health. That being said, many of our client concerns are that, whilst they can lose weight effectively, there are areas which can become troublesome and seem ineffective to other means of fat reduction. These troublesome areas are typically the stomach, flanks, thighs and (double) chin area. Fat dissolving injections allow us to specifically target these troublesome areas. Fat dissolving injections work great as a stand-alone treatment and significantly better when combined with other weight and fat loss treatments such as Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing). We are able to treat most areas where fatty tissue resides however larger areas such as the stomach may require numerous sessions for significant results as oppose to areas such as the chin which may only require one or two sessions.

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How does FAT DISSOLVING work?

Following your initial consultation with us, we will devise a treatment plan we believe you would benefit most from and include diet and exercise recommendations that can be incorporated alongside your treatment(s). We aim to make all our clients understand that as effective as this treatment is, its fantastic results can only be produced when the correct aftercare advice is followed. Failure to maintain a healthy diet during your course of treatments may allow for a further production of fat which would dramatically reduce the effects of the treatment. We generally recommend a minimum of 6 weeks between injection sessions to enable the process to work to its full potential before re-treating the area. Book in for your free consultation if you are unsure about whether you would benefit from Fat Dissolving injections or perhaps if you are unsure which treatment may be the right option for you.

Price for this treatment: From £100

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