Do you want better eyebrows using permanent makeup?

Eyebrow treatments using permanent makeup allow you wake up feeling confident, having one less thing to do of a morning!

We work with you to create the type of look you are hoping to achieve from your treatment, using only the best products and equipment. Whether you are looking for soft hair strokes or super trendy Ombre brows, we can create a set of brows that you will love and will be proud to show off to your friends and family.

We map our work zones to ensure your brows are the perfect size, height and shape for your face; we even take skin tone and ethnicity into consideration to help decide which colour and pigment is right for your skin.

We carry out pigment patch tests at least 48 hours before your permanent makeup treatment is carried out to ensure that you will not react at all either throughout the treatment or afterwards.

We can offer aftercare balms to ensure that your super trendy brows stay in optimum condition throughout the healing stage of this treatment. We are also able to offer correctional services for Tattoo Brow treatments that may have been carried out previously in need of a top-up or have been carried out elsewhere, leaving an undesired

finished brow treatment
eyebrows permanent makeup

What is the treatment process?

We use a state-of-the-art tattoo machine to strategically and superficially implant pigment into the skin to create the appearance of ultra-realistic looking brows.

The pigment is chosen based on what has been agreed by you and your technician and perhaps may be a shade that has been created or modified specifically for you. The type of implantation will also depend on what you have decided with your technician and whether you would prefer natural hair strokes or something to create more of a makeup effect for your brows.

As mentioned previously, the mapping stage is perhaps one of the most important parts of the treatment as this will determine the correct placement for your new brows. Although you will have some input with this, with regards to height of arch and length of tail, ultimately the overall shape of the brow will be explained and recommended by your expert technician.

In order to keep your brows looking on point, we recommend that your return for a top-up around 6-8 weeks following your treatment. This will allow us to perfect your new brows and ensure you will have a good level of retention; this is highly recommended for all permanent makeup treatments.

Price for this treatment: £250 (Inc Top Up)

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